Do you "believe" in symbolism as a language (secret)?

Why or why not?

What is the symbolism of a white man behind a "blackfaced"?........🤔

Who and where did this originate? 

Why was it "created"? For what purpose?


The "dualities" of symbols........🎭

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  • Dubbs
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    2 months ago

    Many symbols have an esoteric meaning as well as an exoteric one. Yes, Symbolism is a language in itself, but not everyone knows how to read it. Most people only know what they've been taught and not everybody is taught to look for a deeper meaning. Like the priestly classes of ancient Egypt, the sun was often used as a symbol shown to the lower class to mean one thing, light (the exoteric) but the priest class themselves knew of a deeper (esoteric) one, enlightenment.

    Although duality would be the obvious one, there are other ways to show dualism, it can also be symbolic of an internal/external face: the difference between what one feels on the inside and what they show to others... not exactly the same as duality.

    It's also in regards to being Two-Faced, though not as obvious as the Bat Man villain. One could have a reputation of respectability,  but behind the scenes they could be much more wicked in nature... much like modern politicians.

    • Jerome
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      Good answer.

      Thanks for answering

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  • 2 months ago

    No, I don't believe in that crap.  Normal languages are hard enough to understand, so secret symbols are totally unnecessary.  

    The origin of blackface makeup was simple:  Black people created (and still create) really good music, but were not allowed into any respectable white folks' establishments.  Not even as entertainers.  Performers didn't just want to give the audience the music, they wanted to give a visual performance as well.  

    Keep in mind that everyone wasn't as politically correct (aka uptight and gravely offended by everything) as they are today, and that there really were laws and rules prohibiting "racial mixing".   Why people get so offended by the makeup is logical, but then they completely forget why it came into existence.  That makes no sense at all.

  • j153e
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    2 months ago

    Dan Brown writes many novels about this ("The Da Vinci Code"),

    Umberto Eco also. and

    Jim Marrs' "The Illuminati" are related.

    Also, "Light Is a Living Spirit," "The Path of the Higher Self," "The Master of Lucid Dreams."

    • Jerome
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      2 months agoReport


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