Lag spikes during pc gaming?

My asus has all of my games on my D drive. While playing games, most recognized on Overwatch, Dark Souls III, Halo MCC, and GTA online because I play those the most, my GPU and/or my CPU will drop dramatically. This happens in 10-15 second spurts at randomly frequent times. The frame rate drops from about 60 to less than 10. The last time this was happening, I cleaned my fan and that worked for a month or 2. the time before that my buddy cleaned the garage off of my computer. That worked. I try to have my games run on my NVIDIA GTX 950 graphics card that came with the laptop.  This problem occurred again and persisted after cleaning the fan. I don't know much about computers so I can't really troubleshoot the problem.

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  • 2 months ago

    Heat is main cause of problems with laptops and games.  Frame rate drops are because of high temps in the GPU or the CPU.  They cut back the performance to survive. 

    You must clean all the air paths inside the laptop, not just the fan blades.  Check to see if your fan is still pushing air out.I use exhaust fan boxes powered by USB cords on all my laptops and iMac consoles.  These suck hot air out at a good rate.  Each costs from $6 to $15 on Ebay.  "Cool Cold Ice Troll 3" (or "III") is most often the label.  The temps at the exit grills is over 110*F but when I use a fan, the temps drop quite a bit.You might get around those frame rate drops.

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    • Starrysky
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      The frame drop down to 2 is what was done to try to cool down the CPU and/or the GPU.  After a while, they cool off and resume performing at a higher level until the temperature goes up again.  You happened to catch the temperature after some cooling period is my guess.

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  • 2 months ago

    Sounds like performance issues. Have you checked task manager?

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