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life going downhill and I'm only 17?

Im in 11th grade and its a really important year which college look at most. Ive been doing pretty good in 9-10 grade with about a 93 average but ive been doing so bad at the most crucial year of my high school career. I have about a 89 average right now. The thing that completely shattered me was that I was a candidate for my schools "honor society" which is like a class of the top students in school and you need to maintain a 90 average of above for the first semester, but I didnt. SO I got called to the principal and he told me I was kicked out. I cant Get back in and I am so devastated right now. I just completely ruined a really good thing I could've written in my college applications and stuff. I didnt tell my friends yet because they think im smart and im ashamed to tbh. I'd have to tell them soon because the next honor society meeting will be happening and id have to tell them why I cant attend anymore. GOD WHY AM I SUCH A FRICK UP!!???!!??! 

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  • drip
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    Get a grip.  US universities will want your unweighted cumulative gpa at the end of junior year.    You still have a semester to pull your grades up.  Your 89 has not dipped your cumulative gpa by that much. Concentrate on your grades and taking the SAT/ACT.  Plan on taking it twice before applying. Most student score higher the second time.   

    With your cumulative gpa above 90%, Which you can still do, being in the school’s honor society or not isn’t going to make a difference on your college applications. 

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  • 2 months ago

    I can understand your disappointment at missing by just one percentage point. However, 89% is still a good grade. I'd work on an overall high grade. For example, 89 + 95 + 94 + averages to 92.67%. I bet you can better that.

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  • 2 months ago

    you're not bad. there are other ways to get into the uni you want

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