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How does law enforcement even find out that teachers are having sexual relations with a student?

I'm confused as to how that even happens.

If you're a teenage boy and your hot teacher wants to have sex with you, that's the kind of thing you keep on the DL.

Not hard to keep secret either.

If it's a teen girl who willingly is having sex with her teacher then I mean, does she go and squeal?

Or maybe the teachers are that dumb and send explicit messages to the students instead of making sure there is no digital trail that could get them into trouble.

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    I agree with you to be honest.

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  • Bill
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    2 months ago

    Sometimes the teachers are that dumb, why else would they have sex with students? And you assume the students are always willing. I hope you are not planning on a career in teaching.

    • The students are always willing. It's never stated as forced rape. It's just statuotory. These kids are going with their teachers to locations and having sex with them. Teachers ARE grooming these kids, but let's not act like the girls and boys don't want it. They do.

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