Using harsh cleaning products on plates and pans?

Someone in my family uses cleaning sprays such as mr muscle platinum kitchen 100% tough grease removal made for surfaces to ‘clean’ things like plates, pans ect that you use to eat/cook food on.

This has to be bad for your health, as although they claim to rinse it all off i’m still probably ingesting chemicals?? What are your thoughts on this and am I right to think that? 

If you think I’m right, how do I get them to stop if they insist that this makes stuff clean?

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  • 1 month ago
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    It's unnecessary.  Mild dish soap is all you need, IF that.  Quite often, I just give it a rinse and scrub with plain water.  Unless something is stuck to it, you don't even need soap.  I agree with you, harsh chemicals are unnecessary and dangerous.  Tell your family member that it's overkill.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, you're not right. If this person rinses the cleaning product off, as they say they do, then it's not on the plates or pans.

    That said, this is both a stupid and expensive way to do the dishes. Dish detergent in hot water does the same job at a tenth of the cost, maybe less. Some are designed to cut grease and oil and do the job well.

    If the way this person does the job disturbs you, do the damned dishes yourself.

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