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I need help for gym diet plan?


I’m doing the gym 2-3 years now started at 180 pounds skinny-fat body I still have the same body now with the same weight I tried to make my own diet plans count cals and make shopping lists but I am mentally and physically lazy to make a change for my self. I’ve 2-3 years to make diet plans while going the gym and every time I do say I’m going to do it I still never end up doing it , I have no motivation at all as you can see , I need big help , I had a app that told me I’ve to only eat 2,000 cals a day i’m 5ft’9 I’m 23 years old ,170 pounds skinny-fat work 5 days a week tried for like 2 weeks ina row to go 6 days a week couldn’t handle it now I go 4 dayss a week , upper body 2 days lower body 2 days with little cardio but without a meal plan it won’t change , I need a meal plan made for me with different meals each day and week I can’t eat the same things again and again each day ,

In the pic shows the foods I don’t like , if anyone could help me progress in the gym with a months meal plan of 2000/1800 cals with shopping list , I’d appreciate it a lot 

Thanks everyone 



My goal is to lose weight and body fat percentage to get skinny and tighter skin so when I start to build muscle again it will have the “ripped” effect , to notice the muscles more , kinda like CR7 but not that low percentage, thanks 

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    1) You need to understand that calorie limits changes with age.  It sounds like your app that told you to eat 2000 cal was a BMR calculator which is fine, but that number changes with age and weight. Given your current stats of 23 yo, 5'9", and 170 lb., your calories limit now should be around 1845 cal/day.

    2) You did not state what is your goal. Are you wanting to lose weight, gain weight, increase muscle mass, lower body fat percentage, increase stamina .... What is your goal?  Because just hitting the gym and going on a calorie restricted diet does nothing for you because what the endgame is determined how and which exercises to do and whether or not you should even be restricting your calorie intake.

    3) The benefit from exercises is derive from proper exercise which includes how often and proper form.  From what little you actually wrote, it is almost a certainty that you overtrained by exercising 5 times a week.  I am pretty hardcore when it comes to exercise and I don't workout 5 days a week.  I think you are not understanding the fundamentals of exercise mechanics.

    First, exercise does not build up - it tears down. It is the rest and proper nutrition you give your body after exercising that allows it to build up.  Whenever you exercise such as resistance training (e.g. weights) you are causing microscopic tears in the fibers of your muscle (not to mention wear and tear on your joints). Your body like to over repair damages, but it takes at least 2 nights sleep to fully repair and grow the muscles. This means you NEVER work the same muscle groups on consecutive days. There must be at least 1 rest day in between. Or you use what is call a split schedule which means you divide the workout to hit different muscle groups each day, but even with split schedules you still have a rest day. For example, a typical split schedule is a 3 day split which could be something like:

    Day 1: chest and shoulders

    Day 2: abs and back

    Day 3: legs and arms

    Day 4: REST

    Notice that even with a 3 day split, there is a rest day (Day 4) before you start the cycle over. In some cases, especially if you noticed prolong soreness you give it an extra rest day. This all assumes your goal is to gain muscle and this does not work for losing weight.

    4) Food wise, you are making it a lot more complicated than necessary.  The number one priority of a diet is to get the necessary protein, minerals, vitamins and carbs.  Protein is the building block of your body. Every organ and muscles are made from protein. It is the brick in the brick wall. But your body cannot utilize protein without the other 3 - they are the mortar and energy necessary to construct that brick wall.

    Protein, especially essential protein, comes from meats, eggs, diary products, some legume/corns/beans.Take your choice. For your stats, you should get at least 63 grams/day.

    Vitamins and minerals, fresh vegetables and fruits.

    Carbs.  Carbohydrates comes in 2 types: simple and complex. You want complex carbs which are such things as unbleached wholegrain bread, brown rice, wholegrain pasta, etc. Simple carbs are from such things as refined sugar, and foos made from bleached/refined flour.

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  • 1 month ago

    i would just do it

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