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Ideas or programs that can be incorporated in schools for mental health?

I have a project in school that involves us solving a problem at our school, I wanted to do something with mental health but can't come up with any solutions.

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  • Laurie
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    1 month ago

    You are going about this backwards.

    The NUMBER ONE reason students - high school or college - have difficulty writing papers is that they try to write without first LEARNING about the topic. You need to conduct preliminary research BEFORE you choose a thesis statement, and BEFORE you begin writing.

    Find 3-5 academically-acceptable resources that offer information and/or opinions on the subject, and do AT LEAST 3 hours of research, taking notes as you go. Then, try again to define the main idea of your essay.

    This approach has two advantages. First, you will have completed part of your research before you begin writing, so you will have less research to do as you develop each main point of your essay. Second, you will know that there IS available research on your chosen topic. I cannot tell you how many frustrated students I have seen in my office (usually just before the paper was due) who chose an essay topic, and then discovered that suitable reference material on their topic did not exist.

    Good luck.

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  • not
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    1 month ago

    family, community, parents. school can't fix this.

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  • 1 month ago

    I am convinced school ***** with your mental health. My stress level has been practically nil since graduating.

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