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Friend cut me out after meeting a guy?

I had a friend who I met online.  We hung around together off and on for years but texted a lot.  We did fool around a few times, but she was interested in something more, and I wasn’t.  We maintained our friendship though, even though I left town.   We texted all the time.

Out texts were innocent fun, maybe a little PG13 but nothing serious, and I never led her on.  At one point, she stopped responding for a while, but started again.  I later found out that she had been dating a guy at that point.

A few months back, she started dating another guy.  Her texts became less frequent.   I asked her to hang out a few weeks later (I was in town),  but she said no, she has a bf.  I said that I meant as friends, but didn’t get a response.

I really miss texting/hanging out with her.  Is the friendship over?  Should I wait a few months and ask how she is, then gauge her reaction?


I’m thinking either her new bf knows our history and didn’t feel comfortable or she was only being my friend hoping I’d change my mind about dating her.

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    Thats how people in relationships roll. Just cut them out if they won't give your time of day over their partner!

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