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Horoscope Astrologer : What stands out from this chart?

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    They are a very important world leader and teacher of laws of the universe.Most of the planets are in houses of relationships with much travelling.Especially across the water.Very intense private person who attracts people magnetically through their personality.There is also the study of faith and resurrection of the soul but personal faith is lacking.They arrived with a heavy burden Chiron in 12 Gemini.

    Don't know who this person is but very influential and charismatic

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I agree with Gib except for the part about the nodes. These charts with huge glyphs outside the chart ring are a pain to read. But since you insist, two things jumped out.  One is Sun in the 8th a red flag for a premature death. Add to this that the Sun and Moon are both in detriment and not in aspect - another indication of a premature death.  Tsk tsk.  I'll bet you're glad your asked. 

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  • 2 months ago

    It's far too cluttered and too small to easily read. Half of the stuff in it is not necessary. Get rid of all but the planets, lunar nodes and Chiron imo. Your question has too wide a scope to make any reply to. I doubt you'll get any replies other than the usual prats who'll enlighten you about the rubbish you're interested in. When these prats respond, maybe ask them how they came to their conclusions.

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