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How do I get my cats to like each other?

My first cat that I have had for 8 years, Kitty (original name I know), has lived with me as a single cat after I found her on the street. She clearly has a history of fighting with other street cats, so I chose not to get another cat. Fast forward to just several months ago, and my grandmother was hospitalized, leaving her cat alone at her house. She's an old cat, so I knew if I just sent her to a shelter, she would be euthanized, so I decided to take her in. I slowly introduced the two, first between a wooden door, and then through a glass one, and they ate together in peace. However, once I allowed them in the same room together, it was clear that kitty wasn't going to put up with it. The other cat showed no signs of aggression, but Kitty decided to swat at her anyway. The other cat only swats at kitty in defense, but my cat growls, hisses, thumps her tail, and exhibits fear aggression. They are both clearly curious of one another, because they come up behind each other and try to sniff each other's tails without being noticed. Unfortunately, once either of the cats realizes they are being sniffed, they turn around and beat each other on the head. Sometimes kitty just beats the other upside the head just for looking at her. I feed them both right next to each other every night without issue, and without hissing. The moment they are done eating however, it is right back to the hissing and slapping. I don't know how to get them to stop. Any help would be appreciated. 

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    In other words, Miss Kitty has a lousy personality. Kitty is trying to establish that she's primary & goes first. Once that's settled, fighting will be over.

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