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Is black diarrhea a sign of something bad?

This is the first time that this has happened to me. Both before and after it happened, I never felt sick/nauseous, my stomach wasn't upset, my stomach never hurt, etc. There wasn't any blood either. There really hasn't been any change in my diet either. I've been drinking normal amounts of water too. When I wiped, it was the normal brown color (with no red color or blood).


I have had no stomach cramps either

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  • 1 month ago

    Black stool can sometimes mean there is blood in that stool.... it comes from somewhere inside the body and gets mixed in the stool. If it happens again, take a swab of it, put it into a plastic bag and freeze it... take it to the doc's office to be checked out? They will do that for you.

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i would go see your doctor and get it checked out

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    To me, diarrhea  alone is something bad. IF it last more than one day.

    Colour may be your diet.

    When worried enough take a stool sample to your primary care physician for lab tests.

    I doubt it is any cancers.

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