List highest pH to lowest pH: KOH, CaBr2, Na2S, NH4NO3, HNO3?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Please don't be offended if I tell you that you need one other piece of data: the concentration of the solutions.  Therefore, let's assume that the solutions are each 0.1M.

    0.1M KOH is the most basic

    0.1M CaBr2 is neutral

    0.1M Na2S is slightly basic

    0.1M NH4NO3 is slightly acidic

    0.1M HNO3 is most acidic

    highest pH (basic) ---------------> lowest pH (acidic)

    ... KOH ... Na2S ... NH4NO3 ... CaBr2 ... HNO3

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  • 1 month ago

    The more basic the solution, the higher the pH is.

    1. KOH is a strong basic, and thus its pH is the highest.

    2. HS⁻ is a weak acid and thus its conjugate base, S²⁻ ion, makes Na₂S solution basic.

    3. CaBr₂ is neutral.

    4. NH₃ is a weak base and thus its conjugate acid, NH₄⁺ ion, makes NH₄NO₃ acidic.

    5. HNI₃ is a strong acid and thus its pH is the lowest.

    pH: KOH > Na₂S > CaBr₃ > NH₄NO₃ > HNO₃

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