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Could it be possible that one of my friends is a really bad criminal?

Me and this guy have been friends for a few months now. I recently heard from another guy who was closer with him than me that he had done some really ****** up ****. I was told that he had been arrested for child porn and rape. I already checked public court records, state, and national sex offender registries. I was told that he found this out from his family (which my friend doesn’t have a good relationship with) and that he ran a check on him w/ Whitepages. Is it possible that this is true?

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    If you could not find it in the sex offender records then it i snot true because for those crimes you must register as a sex offender for life those records are public. There is not way to get off the list. he could be a criminal but not for those crimes fi you did not find him in the records.

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  • 1 month ago

    Who ever said that about him is a dangerous violator. Just stay away from both of them and your good. You don't want to get between hating B*!';÷$

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  • martin
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    There but for fortune go the rest of the world. That guy probably had some wicked experiences when growing up, which made him the way he is.

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