Is it fair to say that procrastination defined the policies and missteps of James Buchanan, Herbert Hoover, and Neville Chamberlain?

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  • 2 months ago
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    I'll say incapability defined their policies and missteps. They didn't delay taking measures(procrastinate) but just were unable to handle the crises. 

    Herbert Hoover's incapability was most obvious. Even he was unaware that the economic crisis was imminent. He boasted "poverty will be banished from this nation". Then he didn't know how to deal with the crisis. He tried without delay but in vain. The American people had elected the wrong man to be the President. James Buchanan hesitated to adopt tough measures because he wanted to prevent war. In the American political system, each state retained a significant degree of autonomy. Early action only meant an earlier war. Personally, I consider it wasn't wrong to postpone war. So he didn't procrastinate. His failure to settle conflicts in a peaceful way might not be owing to personal reasons. The environment might make his incapability inevitable. Even Lincoln couldn't settle the conflicts peacefully. Neville Chamberlain was unable to limit Hilter's ambition because Britain and France were both confronted with a sluggish economy. The financial factor determined his incapability. War didn't seem to be a good choice. Certainly, negotiations with Hitler proved to be fruitless. But at that time, who knew for sure that there must be no chance to prevent war? Who knew whether to talk with Hitler was to procrastinate or not?

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