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Should the woman get to decide what ring she has to wear?

Everyone is saying I’m selfish and “trolling” on here because I said the woman should have a say in what she wears on HER hand and not the husband.. I’m talking about an engraftment ring. Do you think because the husband is buying it, he should decide on the ring regardless if the woman likes it or not or should he take into consideration what ring she’s into. People tell me I should be grateful for any ring If I really love him but I don’t see how I’m a bad person for thinking a woman should decide what ring goes on HER finger. That’s just like me buying you a birthday gift that I like for myself completely disregarding if I think YOU like it. I mean...that’s rude

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  • audrey
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    1 month ago

    If she really loves him, she'll love any ring he gets her!

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