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My ex keeps getting in contact with me... Why?

I dated him for about a year altogether, and that entire time, was immature. He didn't know exactly what he had, but he thought he did. That drove him to break up with me. We are good friends now, but one night when I was crying over losing a friend (she didn't die she was just a terrible person and her true colors finally showed) I told him and he called me at 1am. We started talking about random stuff and he was laughing with me, trying to distract me from what happened. I felt just like I did when I was with him... After more talking, he said he wanted to guess why we were still talking.. Why I stuck with him after all these years. He didn't he ended up falling asleep. What I'm confused with is if I love him or if I love the idea of him and I together again.. Hoping asking on this site will shed some light. And If I love him... does he love me too? Is that why he's stayed talking with me? 

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