Why Is This Girl Lying About Me?

My friend and co-worker from Sara text me Saturday and told me another co-worker I’m friends with named Alisa was bad mouthing me and my boss. I’ve been Alisa apparently told some other female co-workers she hooked up with my boss. 

My boss told me he gave her a warning at work for bad attitude. They recently unfollowed each on Instagram and he told me he wants her gone and gave her a warning for bad attitude.According to Sara, Alisa said that I just play with girls and spy on co-workers for my boss and the new girls at work are attractive to him and we are gonna play with them like we did her. Alisa asked her to never go out with me and that I always Text her which is a LIE.Im a social guy who talks to everyone at work and while me and my boss get along great I don’t spy. Sara think Alisa could like me, but I doubt that because she’s a few years older. I think this has to do with my boss and her craving attention.

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