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Did someone log into my Facebook/?

I accidentally entered the wrong fb password into my computer like once or twice before I eventually entered the correct one and logged in. The first error I made my fb sent a code to my email for me to use, which does not happen often so I was a little suspicious. Just because I am not usually prompted from Fb to use a code sent to my email because of ONE incorrect pw.

Because of that I checked my settings to see if anyone had ever logged int my Facebook from another computer and I saw that someone using an an apple Mac in the same town, logged into my account eight hours ago.

I have an hp and there is only one person I know (roommate) that has an apple laptop. Could it be him? I also realized I did not have any settings to alert me if someone from an unusual computer source had logged into my Facebook. What do you guys think? Could it be him? 

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  • Daniel
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    1 month ago

    If he has a Apple Computer then it could be Him

    I would Ask your Roommate

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