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Why won't MS Access save changes? Everything I do seems to be unchangeable, and it won't update.?

Hello, I'm a new Access user and am having trouble saving changes. For example, I used design view to set up data types for fields. I created a Field called "success", then used lookup Wizard to create a YES/NO list to choose from. But then realized I associated it with the wrong field name, not "success" as I intended. Went back and changed the data type for that appropriate field to "number". But it doesn't take. When I go back in the table, it only gives me options for YES/NO in that field still. And this sort of thing happens with every typo I make. It seems that anything I enter in the data type field can never be changed, my only option is to kill the whole database and start again. I once accidentally selected "attachment" as a data type, then could never undo it. Any suggestions? I've tried closing out and re-opening, but no difference. Thanks!

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    Once you make the change, save the file and then close/open it again. 

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