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how does alchemy work? What are Celenian Waves? What is Cyrusian Gum? Is this a a formula related to the philosophers stone?

I was exploring the occult on the deep web and found a site with all sorts of PDFs of ancient alchemy recipes that had all sorts of strange ingredients and processes

One included a potion that is supposed to be added to the bath water to improve my singing. The ingredients are to be combined in an ornate golden goblet depicted in the formula, The recipe said to petrify Cyrusian gum in Glaubner's Salt and Borax in the presence of entangled Celineian Accoustic Waves and Bublen Waves. I assume accoustic Celenian waves are gravitational waves from the MOON Celine means moon, and Bublen waves refer to gravity waves likely from the dark energy star (black hole) Sagittarius A at the center of the Milky Way.

Can this petrification process only be done under a full moon in the Sagittarius constelation? It said that the waves must be harmonized so it likely means a specific astrological conjunction.

Petrification would be done by heating the resin of Cyrusian gum, and the. Letting it coalesce with the philosophical mercury which could be added to the tub as a powder ground from solid regulus.

What exactly is Cyrusian gum and how is it obtained? Did I decipher the alchemy process all right? Does Celenian Waves mean acoustic gravity waves from the moon or does it refer to molten selenium?

Cyrusian gum, what the heck is it? Where do I get it?

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    Some of it works exactly like spontaneous generation (it doesn't), and some of it works exactly like a baking soda volcano (it does). Alchemy is a bunch of theories and formulas that were dreamt up by people that were ignorant of knowledge that was then unknown, but is now taken for granted. Some of Alchemy was so far off track as to seem ridiculous; some of it was on the right track, and served in founding modern chemistry. If you don't care at all about its validity, and it's for nothing more than entertainment, learn all about it from the sources you've been using. If you want to actually do anything that resembles Alchemy, try getting some degrees in chemistry, physics, molecular biology, and the like. 

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