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Corona virus in Thailand ?

I am a US citizen and will be traveling to Thailand on March 5th from United States. Wanted to get some suggestions and facts if I should travel or cancel my trip due to corona virus. Thanks in advance. I know it’s my own decision at the end but just wanted to get some advice and facts. 

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    You came to Yahoo Answers for "advice and facts"?  That's optimistic. 

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    I live here in Thailand, and I typically question government pronouncements. Part of cultural differences include desire to make person comfortable over telling the truth. Also never question those above you. There is great pressure not to label a case corona virus, but can report as pneumonia, which has gone up in great numbers reported. It beggars belief to accept gov numbers. They tied their wagon to Chinese tourism, still very welcoming of individual tourists in spite of wise decision of China to stop group tours to Thailand and elsewhere.

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    Yes, do cancel your trip. However, the virus is also in USA. So avoid crowded places and wash your hands frequently.

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    The CDC is > not < currently advising travelers to avoid Thailand:

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  • I am a U.S. Citizen living in Thailand and I have planned for a year now to go back to the U.S. to visit my kids and grandchildren.  But I am having second throughs about it.  Thailand has 41 cases as of this afternoon and no death.  But Thailand is being too good to there Chineses pals because they are losing money because of the lack of tourists and are letting the Chinese in when most countries here are not.

    I am not worried about where I live because I am in a farming community about 100 km from Bangkok.  No cases reported out here.  But what happens if you get on a flight with 100's of people in one small area and just one person has it.  I don't want to give it to my family. Also, I got a cheap ticket so no refund if I cancel and my wife and I use $3,000 on the trip.  

    My recommendation is not to go now and wait till next year and go when this is over with.  I know it is a very hard decision to make.  I can afford the loss of money but don't want to.  But my family is more important than money.

    For your information.  Reports in the news say tourists are not coming and the tourist industry here is worse off.  So others are also not coming from Europe and North and South America.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    In the UK, travel to Thailand is not yet being advised against:

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    Your chance of getting it is slim no matter where you travel. It's something frightening in the news, but with 7 billion people in the world, the chance of any person getting coronavirus is slim.

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    The death rate among corona virus sufferers is about 2%. That's higher than the rate from the flu, but still quite low. Healthy adults usually have a very brief spell of cough and fever. If I were you, I'd go. There haven't been that many cases in Thailand, and your risk of coming in contact with someone with the virus is very low. 

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