Why do Some Universities have a residency period instead of letting delayed finish their majors in a slower pace?

Residency in my univ is how long can you stay in the school to complete your course. My school has a residency of Additonal 2 years of your course. SO if your course is 4 years, then you will get 6 years to complete the course with the case your delayed. If your course is 5 then you have 7 and so on. IDK why there is like that tho. What's wrong with completing a 4 year course in 7 years. The school already kicked some people out even if they are not done with residency. My friend got kicked out with 3 years left in his residency because his first two years were bad plus he took a year leave, which is still part of residency and when he tried to go back, the school said he won't finish his majors on time. That was too harsh. Anyway I just want to know why there is residency.

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    8 months ago
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    It can be a waste of a school's time and resources to continue working with students who are not putting forth their best effort.  They may also have a limited capacity, and keeping students for extended periods prevents them from admitting as many additional students as they could. An additional 2 years is a reasonable amount of extra time.  

  • 8 months ago

    i assume it is to motivate students to get done and stop wasting faculty time

  • 8 months ago

    Maybe the school would prefer to offer residency to students who are serious about their work and capable of completing it in a reasonable time. Short of illness or some other catastrophe, I cannot think of any reason why someone needs 6 years to finish four years' worth of work. A school residence is not a hotel.

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