Is it wrong to treat someone a certain way if they're useful?

Like if that's all they are to you is useful. I do not treat everyone like this. But nowadays I try to treat certain people as if they're either useful to my goals and ambitions or as if they're dirt because they have no value to me. People in the past have hurt me and still continue to hurt me and i have finally said enough is enough. If they're not useful i do not want them around. I'm gonna be freaking evil and see people as tools. Nothing more. They chose this. If they're not useful I will attack and make them hate me and steer clear.

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    No. But you are gravely mistaken to believe anyone is of no use to you. That may be true today but vastly wrong in the future. And those people you choose to attack will remember it when you need them most.

    The answer? Be nice to everyone. Not only will that increase you ability to use them into the future, but it will grant you a reputation of someone others will want to selflessly help you.

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