Should I quit soccer my junior year of high school?

I have been playing soccer for 12 years now and I am going into junior year. This is when all of the soccer college recruiting starts. I’ve always planned on playing soccer in college with a full ride. I’m really good but lately I haven’t been enjoying it. It’s more stressful than fun and I have no friends on my team. I dread going to practice and games. I cry after every game thinking about all of the mistakes I made. Yet on the days I don’t have soccer I feel guilty and I stress myself out trying to think of drills I could do on my own time to get even better. It’s gotten to a point where I’m so stressed about soccer and recruiting that I don’t enjoy it at all anymore. I want to quit but I feel like I will regret it or disappoint people. I also feel like if I quit I would have wasted my whole life doing something just to quit before it really starts to matter (college and recruitment). I feel like I would just be wasting talent but then again I feel like I would be happier doing things I actually enjoy. I also have been struggling with depression recently and I feel like it might be because of soccer and the stress. I’m at a complete loss right now and it’s stressing me so much please help :((((((

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