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What chord symbols imply what modes?

For example, I know maj7#11 implies lydian. Sus implies Mixolydian.

What are the others?

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    Look up musical modes or consult a music dictionary, e.g. The Harvard Concise Dictionary of  Music and Musicians. Are you planning to use these modes in performing jazz?

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  • 2 months ago

    You are mixing centuries here.  Modes exist unto themselves, and their names define their structure.  We all know an Aeolian mode sounds a lot different than a Mixolydian, or a hypoLydian - as soon as we hear the names, we hear the music in out heads..  To try to use contemporary chord symbols over modes is meaningless and inapplicable.  If someone you know is doing this - they are lost in time and space.  In fact, the whole concept of CHORDS (and defined progressions) did not appear until far later - past the harmonic intervals linearly generated by rules of counterpoint (Palestrina, for example, and as taught by Fux - and let's not forget cadential FICTA.)  - and not really until Baroque composers - Bach, etc. - whose concept of chordal notation was in many works, indicated by Figured Bass.  That's a close to chord symbols as you are gonna get in classical composition!   I am assuming you are a guitarist - because in all the years I taught HS Theory, I would periodically get guitar players (usually self-taught, and adamant . .) who had no grasp of even conventional notation - they just wanted to learn some more exotic NAMES and sounds, to scatter in their vocabulary as much as their dark and over-intellectualized (geez, those words are coming from a *theorist*??? pot/kettle!!) music.  There are styles in music that you can meld - but to try to use 12th century or earlier terminology on contemporary music, is as meaningless as using MODERN terminology - chord symbols? - on music composed back then.///


    There are several pro guitarists here.  I await their input on this.  I hear a LOT of modal-based playing - in several genres - but the topic of your question seems to be as cumbersome as TAB - and we know how useless *that* is.  And yes - I can improvise at the piano in any mode - comes with the package.  I know where the functions are - but would never NOTATE is using those symbols - just . . .   wrong.

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