Are Stars and politicians recovering from Covid-19 because they are getting to use the experimental drugs?

The past few weeks I keep wondering how (not all of them but a lot of them) the movie stars and politicians are recovering from Covid-19 or are doing way better than a lot of other regular people who get it?  

Then I listened to an interview with the keyboard player for Bon Jovi and in his interview he said that since taking the malaria med he was prescribed his health has greatly improved from Covid-19.   

Do you think that they are giving these experimental drugs to politicians and stars and forcing the rest who are not rich and powerful to suffer?   Could Trump have gotten it and took the meds so he never really appeared to be sick?

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  • 2 months ago

    well the government is providing miracle cures for the stars because they are are so much more deserving than lets say you

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  • y
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    2 months ago

    Could Trump have gotten it, or even been taking some of these meds prior to exposure? Yes. Trump got slammed for suggesting that some of these meds worked, got slammed by the media and the left for being so irresponsible to suggest such a thing. Now we know, many docs are taking some of this crap, that there have been some decent results from some of them. We also know the FDA is looking at many of these meds to see if they are truly viable options.

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