Need Serious Astrological Help For my career?

I am from Upper middle class family . Currently I am in Real estate / Land Dealing sector but struck in legal dispute since last 5 years over our family land with 1 builder. Builder is demanding huge money as compensation (which we don’t have  and our case is strong on merits ; but it will take another 7-8 years to decide)  to settle with us. If we won the case , my family would get around 50+ Crore compensation from builder?

 I am frustrated with this Real estate business. I tried restaurant business in past but failed.

I am Confused in this stage of my life.

My Birth details

DOB: 24 March 1988

Birth Time:15:15 PM (Afternoon)

Birth Place : Panvel Taluka , Raigad District , Maharashtra State , India

I want to ask the following Questions for our Life.

1) Will I Able to do Finance / Money lending Business Successfully ? At What Scale?

2) Will Any Other Business Suits me?

3) Will i able to make money from current real estate investment?

4) will i able to win legal battle against builder  ? or can builder will give us some amount towards  settlement ? when will I have fruitful result in our favour?

5) Any other suggestion ?

2 Answers

  • Aaron
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    To be brutally honest you do not have leadership or entrepreneurship acumen. Best is that you partner with some one who possess such qualities and enjoy profits that results out of the joint venture or partnership. Or, you may even take up a job that will secure you professionally but limit your financial gains.

    Although there is a exchange between 5th and 9th lord and yet ascendant lord is in 8th so gain from speculation is very much indicated.

    Source(s): Sixth Sense
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  • 2 months ago

    lagna cancer rashi is gemini

    bad times now , you can win case against

    builder after Feb 1st 2023 when shani

    will move into kumbh rasi

    you have jupiter mahadasha  going now

    upto Jan 2025 and jupiter is also lord

    of the 9th house of fortune(bhagya)

    so better will be to wear a Yellow Sapphire

    (pukhraj) in gold ring in right hand index finger

    it will boost your luck factor

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