Should I game on my pc or a ps4? ?

I have an acer aspire E 15, it's got an 8th gen i5-8250u 1.6ghz - 3.4ghz processor and an nvidea GEforce mx150 graphics card with 2gb cram. It has 8gb ram and 250gb ssd. I also have a 1tb external harddrive, I was wondering if this could provide a good gaming experience for COD and Sea of thieves etc or would I be better sticking with the ps4? 

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  • 2 months ago

    I suggest you ask on r/pcmasterrace on reddit. I would say it depends, if you have been playing on controller for a while and the only games you will play are sea of thieves and cod then it would be better sticking to a console if you think that your pc cannot handle it.

    Source(s): I play lots of games and have a good pc and used to have a bad one
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    2 months ago
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