Not sure what to do about my Verruca? Specialist help needed!?

Looks disgusting I know... I have recently been using Verrugon prescribed by my doctor which I had been using and filing off daily. For the last 3 days I had just applied a plaster on top and left it. As you can see there is a top layer of dead skin hanging off. Not sure what this has resulted in regards to the Verruca and the steps I need to take now? Any specialist advice would be appreciated.

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  • 2 months ago
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    Looks good to me.  You should have gone to a podiatrist, not a doctor.

    This is/was a mosiac verruca. Remove loose skin with a sharp blade you have dipped in alcohol you have set alight.  WASH YOUR HANDS.

    You may need to repeat 2 twice.  Keep the blade sterile.  Don't use it for anything else.  It should be kept covered.   This mosaic verruca is very infectious.

    I am a podiatrist. 

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