Does anyone know where to get a loft bed for an adult? I'm more concerned about weight capacity rather than bed size since I'm pretty short. I have been looking for one where I can shove my desk beneath it, but the only ones I have found that is relatively cheap and trustworthy are all kid's beds. I can't afford a super nice one so none of the ones I have come across, I can afford at this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • 2 months ago

    this can usually be done with any bunk bed. Just remove the lower bed, add a support horizontally across the 'back' where the lower bunk used to be, and you're good.

    To do this with a larger bed -- try internet search. Someone might make one and a DIY solution may be far more practical. 4x4s are plenty sturdy for posts, just be sure to use cross bracing at angles ['X' bracing is fine] on all three sides.

    Source(s): grampa -- we did this in college dorms long decades ago ...
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  • 2 months ago

    Ikea has loft beds.  I just had a look at one ("Tuffing") and the max load is 220lb.  All their beds have a max load information under the "product size" tab.

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  • T-half
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    2 months ago

    Do you need one more that 250 lb weight capacity?  What is inexpensive?

    I was looking for one with stairs rather than a ladder, but all of them were over $1000.

    I found a full-size loft, on Amazon for $230. It was a 250 lb weight capacity. One of the reviewers was 5'3" and wrote to tighten the screws. 

    Metal beds do 'squeak.'

    If you search Ebay, loft bed, click used and sort closest distance, and a price range.

    Most Ikea loft beds have a 220 lb weight capacity. 

    I wonder if a silicone gasket (see link) cut & placed between the screw and metal would cut out most of the squeaking of a metal loft bed. 

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