What are these painless bumps on my penis head?

I have had these painless bumps/ spots on my penis head for about 6 months now. They do not hurt, itch or burn. I cannot pop them as I have tried but they don’t hurt whatsoever. I am sexually active, 26, but I practice safe sex and have been tested by everything under the sun. My doctor told me it was nothing to worry about; he said they look like slight discoloration. I don’t know what else to think, should I go for an extra opinion? 

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  • 2 months ago

    When a doctor tells me it is nothing to worry about I always get a second and a third opinion so that I can choose best two out of three.

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    • Arthur Dent
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      2 months agoReport

      Posting pictures sounds like something a troll would do.  Since you are lost why not call the doctor and dermatologist tomorrow and see if they will do an appointment via Facetime or other service.  You can send them live video or photos and approve access to your medical records for background.

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