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What if your Creator God, isn't really that nice of a guy, and decided to make amends with His good Children by coming down here?

and bringing all the Good Children Home, once and for all.  But then, what if your Creator God, stopped down here, for a while, and observed His Creation that was lost for so long in the dead corpse of his treacherous first Son and that Son's wife, that your Creator God cast into the void to be annhiliated, which is manifested as your "big-bang". (Which from Shafraloka looks more like a little burst, that just kinda fizzles out and disapears into nothing, while us Devas are up there laughing, at El and Aya, (that's your real mommy and daddy Deva).

  So I cast some Lotus Pollen on that annihaltion even, giving your corpse universe Seeds of life, to sustain your Souls into, so that the good one's of you, can start working your way home, in your incarnations.  Most of the good ones made it back to Shafraloka, a long time ago.  All that's left now, mainly, is a collection of Seeded rocks, like your earth, mostly filled with evil.

  So now that our little rescue mission, of throwing the pollen into the corpse, got all the good smart Children home, a long time ago, now there's just a few stragglers, left behind, who are a little slow.  So, I sent some of my friends down here, in the corpse, to collect.

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    sober up..........

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