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bettyb asked in HealthMental Health · 2 months ago

What is the difference between psychotic depression and bipolar?

My old psychologist whom i no longer see classified me as bipolar but i don't think i fit the bipolar disorder.

My psychiatrist has diagnosed me a psychotic depression with psychosis features. i am on medication and it is working but i would like to knew the difference.


don't tell me to google it 

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    2 months ago
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    The difference between the two is mania/hypomania. During mania/hypomania, a person may feel euphoric, full of energy, or very irritable. 

    Symptoms of mania/hypomania

    -Abnormally upbeat, jumpy or wired 

    -Increased activity, energy or agitation

    -Exaggerated sense of well-being and self-confidence (euphoria)

    -Decreased need for sleep

    -Unusual talkativeness-Racing thoughts


    -Poor decision-making — for example, going on buying sprees, taking sexual risks or making foolish investments

    With psychotic depression, you do not experience the highs of mania/hypomania. Mania/hypomania is the key characteristic of bipolar disorder and is what separates it from depression and other mood disorders. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    How long ago did you get your diagnosis?  In 1989, my oldest brother was diagnosed as "Bipolar-Manic".  He got full manic episodes in which he did things like leap from a moving car.  However, he never got coincident depressive phases.  He had "the blues" for a short time, but that was all.  This diagnosis is apparently give to only 1 person in every 125 who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder: it's rather rare.  

    With advances in genetic biology, advances in diagnoses & treatments come about quite often.  You should ask your current psychologist whether you may have been misdiagnosed in the past & whether you might benefit from a re-appraisal.         

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