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how do i stop being jealous?

first off don’t get me wrong i love and appreciate everything i have and i’m grateful for what i look like and my talents or whatever and i try not to take things for granted. but the problem is that the thing i get jealous of is when people have more money than me(lately money has been an issue in our family) and whenever people have so many friends and so many guys/girls that have a crush on them. i know i sound like a b**** but i can’t help it. of course id never show that or be mean or disrespectful to someone for those things but i feel hatred in my heart and i wish i could just stop. i’m more on the quiet side so i don’t have as many friends as my best friend does plus i found out a lot of my friends were fake so i distanced myself making me have less friends. occasionally guys do have crushes on me but i RARELY ever talk to guys bc i’m just quiet and wait for ppl to come up to me bc i’m kinda shy. whenever a guy likes me they just never go up to me i just hear ab it or they always make eye contact. when i do talk to a guy that likes me it starts off good but then i always ruin it bc if we don’t have a PERFECT situation to talk i can never approach them it’s too scary for me. i know i’m being silly but i just can’t. so it makes me so mad that other ppl can talk and flirt and get guys so easily. does anyone have any tips to help me not get jealous of any of this and just be happy with my own life? thank you if you actually respond.

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    Hey, take a deep breath. In and out.

    First off, you are not alone or the only one who experiences these thoughts. Everyone does at some point. Your feelings are 101% valid and I'm sorry you're going through this rough time.

    The best thing to do is to focus on yourself. You're shy. That's ok! I was shy too. We shy people must learn that communication with others is a part of life and is never going away. When your heart starts beating fast and your mind starts going crazy, you take a few deep breaths (seriously) and do it. Take it slow and have them do more of the talking by asking questions instead of statements. Listen :)

    Pick up some new hobbies! Exercise. Start a journal. Find some new music to jam to ( I like "Be my Lover" by La Bouche). Focusing on yourself is the best thing you can do to remove that jealous monster inside of you :) You will not only feel better about yourself but more confident as well!

    And hey, wanna know a little secret, those people who you think are so great are actually not. They are just like you, just a different set of problems. The popular girl is probably suffering from anorexia. The football guy may be a closeted gay. Everyone has problems and the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Specifically, with money, the kids who have the nicest clothes or most money are typically the least happy because their parents have to work for that money... they never see there parents.

    When you think about it that way, everyone is on the same playing field and it isnt so scary anymore.

    I wish you the best of luck!

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    You will regret not getting pregnant . And having ur own family. Then when ur life comes falling apart u will be so lonely. And u never cared for cats 🐈 in ur life and hate bad smells 

    Not everyone has personality to stay single 

    People won’t say this but falling in love is like rocket science 🧪 

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