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Conspiracy Theorists, who are interested in clues in TV shows Please answer my question?

On Sunday, March 29th, 2020 I was watching the show, Impractical Jokers. It's on TruTV on my TV it's on channel 80. The show I was watching had originally aired on Jan., 29th 2019. In one scene from the show, the guys are playing basketball by tossing an item into the shoppers' cart. Whoever got the most won.

The scene shows Joe standing in front of the Corona Beer display. They are tossing toilet paper into the carts. In one scene they insisted the woman pay for all that toilet paper. Then in the very next scene in the park, a couple of the guys are wearing shirts that say Be Kind and Don't Panic. Do you think this is just some odd weird azz coincidence? It kind of gave me the creeps when I saw it.

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    Yeah usually entertainment has coincidences when big tragedies happen. In the show Brooklyn 99 a few months ago they had a character that got amnesia and had a bunch of tattoos, one said BUY TOILET PAPER in huge letters. 

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    It's a coincidence. Keep in mind that if coincidences didn't happen we wouldn't need the word coincidence.

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