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I'm deprived of meat and eggs. What should I do?

I'm from a country (India) where coronavirus lockdown is declared till April 15. Due to rumours related to coronavirus, many people are not eating eggs and meat. This has caused so much damage to poultry businesses that eggs and meat are unavailable in the market. I cannot get meat and eggs to eat.

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    While meat, dairy and eggs may not currently be available in your country, you're body should have a more than adequate supply of vitamin B12 stored in the liver, to last the next two weeks and even beyond. While vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, the body stores a significant amount of it, not only in the liver, but also the kidneys, and some in some of the other organs of the body. This is NOT fiction, but based on actual hard science that meets the critical standards of science, and has been proven many times. Numerous top research facilities from colleges, to medical facilities and various government agencies around the world has confirmed it many times over. Your bigger issue could be actually getting enough choline, to meet your daily needs. However a couple weeks, or even a few months, is NOT going to be all that detrimental to hour health long term. I've spent a lot of personal time over a lot of years, reading research papers on nutrition and diet.

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    It's perfectly possible to live a healthy life without eating meat or eggs.  Even if the virus was in meat or eggs it would be destroyed by proper cooking.  Salmonella is a bigger risk when eating chicken or eggs.

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    Your Country is ignorant of the true facts. This virus cannot live in food, until your Government follows the guidance of the World Health Organisation,  WHO , then you are stuck.

    It is possible to live without then, Vegans do.


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