What are the main factors to consider when choosing a document management system?

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  • Snezzy
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    3 months ago

    Long-term stability is right up near the top. If your system is made by Nocturnal Aviation Data Company, and they go out of business next year or maybe just upgrade everything incompatibly, you'll wish you had put better thought into the project.

    Years ago I worked for a company that had a magtape storage system. They produced a new product to replace the old version. "How will customers read their old mag tapes?" I asked the engineer in charge. "They WON'T WANT TO READ THEM," he replied. Fortunately that product never made it out the door, and the customers were spared the horror of having to deal with incompatibility.

    You should probably consider whether the data storage is in a proprietary format, or is instead in a format that conforms to a publicly available standard.

    Performance issues, such as average time to find, worst-case time to find, and time to "find not" should be considered.

    Document management vastly precedes computers. Libraries have had systems for storage and retrieval of documents for centuries. See the reference below to learn about Πίνακες which may have been the first-ever library catalog.

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