How does suing work?

I thought it was a VERY LENGHTY PROCESS So whatever you sue must be really serious but some people I heard would sue for small matters. ONE a basketball tournament.....which I was an organizer, one opposition from another school threatened to sue us if we dont hire a good referee because the ref sent out their best player when he got 6 fouls but they still won the game. The organizers still have to deal with it after classes resume. Another time my friend parents owned a school but they were sued when one.....JUST ONE student was failing and his rich parents sued them for failing their kid. I asked other kids from my friend school, who are not that close to my friend to avoid bias, and they all agreed the rich kid wasnt doing anything and was slacking off.

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  • Foofa
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    7 months ago

    Anyone willing to pay an attorney can sue anyone for anything. Judges toss out such specious cases with regularity.

  • Clive
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    7 months ago

    It depends on how big and complicated the matter is.  Small claims courts are designed for small matters and will be much quicker.  Both sides need to submit evidence on paper and then they will get their day in court.

    If the judge doesn't throw out the case as ridiculous, which these clearly are.  The thing with suing is "what are you suing for?"  What do you expect the judge to do about it?  Usually it's because you want compensation.  The competence of a referee is nowhere in law so of course the judge can't rule about it, and I would expect the actual result in this case is that the judge just threw it out.

    As for a kid failing in school, this is something that could be handled in court on the grounds that the school has broken its contract to provide a good education, but where in the contract does it say anything about what standard that is and who is a judge, who is not an educational expert, to be able to judge it?  If the kid doesn't do the work, no school can do anything about that.

  • ricky
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    7 months ago

    There’s a phrase in American law that says, “You can sue a ham sandwich”, it’s winning the suit that matters. So while you COULD sue for a bad referee, not much chance of winning.

  • 7 months ago

    There are different courts. There's a small claims court- those are the cases shown on TV shows like Judge Judy. It's very simple- the two people tell their sides and the judge decides. There are no lawyers involved. Those are for cases where a laundry destroyed your clothes, or a friend didn't repay a loan. For a major lawsuit, it's much more complicated and the judge can refuse to hear "frivolous cases".  In your examples, the league would have been the place to go with a complaint about the referee. Parents might sue to get their money back, but did you ever find out if they won their case? 

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