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How to stay off cigarettes for good?

So I’ve kinda had a bit of a cycle. I had my first cigarette at 14. Started smoking more frequently at 16. I didn’t have one for over a year, then my 18th birthday rolled around. I stupidly bought a pack a cigarettes just because I was like oh I’m of age now and thought I was acting all cool and **** (yeah, I know stupid...) I began smoking more than ever and that summer I hit my peak for the most I smoked. Then I had to get my wisdom teeth removed and told I couldn’t smoke for a little while because it could cause dry socket. I went a few months without a cigarette. Then over the holidays I for whatever reason had one, and boom, I was smoking. Not often, but more than anyone should. I’m 19 now. I haven’t had a cigarette in almost 2 months. How can I put an end to this toxic cycle once and for al



F*** my iPad. 

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    i would just quit, ive never smoked in my life

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