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How do I sell a large amount of pre-written articles (over 1,000) which cover various healthcare topics at an introductory level?

A circumstance, which I would prefer not to discuss in much detail, has left me with over 800,000 words of content spread across a thousand articles covering various medical topics CPR, Dentistry, Epidemiology etc. at an introductory level. How can I go about selling all of this content? Are there specific brokers I could reach out to, companies who'd be interested in this type of material?  The content is written so that it can be understood by novices and each piece can stand alone or as a part of a course. If you know anyone who'd be interested in such a purchase or places where I can go to sell these please let me know ha ha.


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    First lesson on Yahoo Answers, never take a question from "anonymous" seriously.

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