Do silk floss trees make hard wood or soft wood?

A neighbor cut one down and I want to mill the wood. Would it be good for a coffee table?

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  • elhigh
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Any wood can be used for any purpose. You can make an excellent table out of pine, a soft wood.

    You can even make a good table out of balsa, but you'll need to be very clever indeed, probably applying the balsa as an end grain veneer over engineered lumber structural members.

    The description I find for silk floss tree doesn't specify its wood as a hard or softwood, but it is a deciduous tree which usually automatically lands it in the hardwood designation, which is a little goofy because the balsa I mentioned earlier is also classified as hardwood.

    So cut some bucks and set them aside to dry for a while, and then mill it up. See what you can do with it. It'll probably work well enough.

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