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15 y/o pregnant NEED help plz ?


my question is can i myself go to the hospital and request a abortion pill or where can  i go to request one myself? i am scared to tell my parents. i had a friend of friend that was kind enough to buy me a few pregnancy test after i missed my period that i usually get my period ever 3-4 weeks. the test came positive. i am scared to tell my parents because they are quite strict and up tight.. i just really want to request a abortion pill to avoid all the anxiety panic.. is it the hospital where i get them?

if the abortion pill is not at all possible is it possibly that i could keep my pregnancy a secret and when the baby is due i could myself give it up for adoption?

i only asked that second option because there is this TV program that i seen a couple of time where the women doesn't know that they were pregnant until they gave birth all of suddenly.

i am just scared and i don't know what to do. my parents aren't always understanding.

preference answer from other experience females only plz but i will take from guys but prefer girls.



to update to my question i did eventually told my parents.. they were quite understanding but maybe a little disappointed. i am going to keep my baby. i would like to thank Jason what he had answered. i slept on it thinking a lot to what Jason said... it does seem like a fun and nice journey getting to know him/her as well encouraging him/her dreams and even doing fun stuff together on the journey.

and thank you to the rest for the best answers.. PS sorry for my poor spelling not great. 

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    When your child may be around 10 months old when he/she starts to react to you and smile at you making you his/ her favourite person, you would realize how foolish the idea of abortion would have been

    Suppose you decided to have kids later on in your life and that child begins to behave as I mentioned above, you will regret your MISTAKE OF ABORTION which has happen earlier in your life and that regret won't go, believe me!

    Don't do a thing which you will have to regret at a later stage in your life, your hardships now will ultimately end with time

    I hope you would think twice!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Talk to your local planned parenthood if you have one

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