How 'private' is the pain you feel?

I do not care to express my physical/emotional pain with anyone.  If I should share it, it only exasperates it's intensity.  I try to keep it between me and the universe and ask for relief of my discomfort.  I truly believe {"This too shall pass..."}  :D

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  • Ben
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    7 months ago
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    Sure, it's private. And I agree with you that it's not best to promote and speak out what you are feeling, it's not faith-filled. Best to heal, ride it out, manage with it, etc.

  • 7 months ago

    Sometimes i forget not to share my emotional pain

    I don't like to share it.

    Ive shared my emotional pain on here and have felt embarrassed about it after.

    I think it's embarrassing to express my emotional pain.

  • 7 months ago

    I never show it unless is really painfull. I always keep secret even my parent doesnt know about only me

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