What are Anime that made a mistake in continuing when it should have ended at one point.?

I watched Sword Art Online....Loved it I watched Season 2 and Hated it. Season 1 was the perfect ending. It should have ended there. I wanna know if there are other anime that should have ended at one point but was continued and lost tis charm. Just curious and wanna find new anime.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I liked it when I was younger, but in retrospect, Digimon Adventure 02 was pretty weak, to the point that the Digimon Adventure tri movies are written so that you don't have to have watched it to understand them.

    I can think of a few others that started off relatively strong and turned crap over time, like Blue Gender, some that are way too long for the quality of story they tell (Gad Guard, Eureka Seven, Gundam Wing), and some that shouldn't have been made at all (.hack//Sign), but they don't realy have good cut-off points. I usually avoid long-running series like Naruto or Fairy Tail, simply because I commit to watching an anime all the way through, and I don't want to risk something being crap for too long.

  • 6 months ago

    Dragon Ball should have ended with Cell Saga as that would have been a perfect end that gives much to fantasies about the power of Gohan but no Akira kept on making this non sense and without much substance.

    One Piece is an unending abyss where Oda hates to end the life of his hen that is laying golden eggs since 1997. Anyone who is not a fanboy can say that this One Piece is too long and should have ended by now at least.

    On the side note, Hajime no Ippo is also dragging itself for so long and I thought may the Ippos retirement that took place 3 years ago might be the end of it but man oh man this has been dragging for far too long and his return had been teased so many times that I stopped caring about it. I love this series but there is no purpose of dragging a dead horse.

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