Microphone Latency & high MMS With adobe premiere pro, Please Help!?

Please be aware with audio equipment I am illiterate but with computers I am a master mind computer specs provided below. Hi I am experiencing audio latency in adobe premiere pro. I am using the BM-800 condenser microphone and the issue is when I go to preference than audio hardware (Or Maybe It Was Audio) I cannot drop the MMS from 30 to 1. When I record voice over videos or even tracks their is this huge delay that I do not like. How can I fix this issue? Could I hook some sort of hardware up to my computer that would support 3.5 mm Jack for better MMS or is this more of an software issue? please do not tell me about the background task as I am aware of How to PID. Please help me and educate me the best way you can thank you so much.


Windows 10 Pro

CPU I5-7500

3.40 Ghz Base

16 Gb Ram Installed

GPU: NVDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI

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