I need help figuring out what could be wrong with my 2005 ford focus se? ?

Please before you read take the time out and read fully for me please thank you.

Hi I have recently been having some issues with my 2005 ford focus se and also recently the check engine

light has came on. I took it to autozone to get the code scanned and it came back with a fuel line issue as in something was causing the fuel line to not get enough fuel. He said it could either be the fuel pump or fuel line. When I step on the gas a little it starts to putt and does not go at the capacity as it used to. When I stepped on the gas it would get up now it kinda takes some time. I put oil in it which I believed it needed because the oil after taking the cap off was smoking so I also bought some 5W 20 which helped a little bit but I dont think its wise to mix oil when I just bought the car not even knowing what oil was prior in the car. Can some one please help me? Also someone said if I need to replace the fuel pump they might have to drop the gas tank, how much would that be? Someone please help me, I have a good car and try to take good care of it and am very ignorant with cars. Thank you.

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