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Will there be another stimulus check?

This is a mess and I am not going to sit around and be stressed out waiting on a decision to pass another stimulus check.  While businesses are suffering, people need money to pay their bills and eat, people not having the ability to work while others are afraid to step out the door.  People it's time to look out for yourself.  Stop worrying about your credit cards and other bills.  As long as you have food and shelter leave the other things on the back burner and/or forget about paying them. I feel sorry for the credit cards because they may never get their money.   I think someone said it will be a food shortage and now all of the deep freezers started selling like crazy.  With this coronavirus going on and hurricane season around the corner, we are living in the last day. 

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    Well, 50% of the population has been brainwashed into believing you are a bad person for having needs.  I am sure you will get posts from people who will accuse you of wanting to perpetuate an elderly holocaust.  Ignore them, they will come to their senses eventually.

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    You may be right about living in the last days.

    It is too much even though I'm retired.

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    People should always have at least 6 months living expenses set aside, 12 months is better. If people did this instead of living beyond their means and running up credit card debt they would be in great shape. Sacrifice a little now to protect yourself for later.

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