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Why aren’t my questions being answered ?

I just asked a mental health question and it has gotten no answers. This is very frustrating.

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    8 months ago

    Some reasons questions don't get any/many answers are:

    *They are posted at low YA user times of day

    *They are posted in low activity categories

    *They are posted in an incorrect (sub)category or not the best one for the topic

    *They are poorly worded or not understandable/gibberish

    *They are complex and not many would know the answer

    *They don't interest the people who saw them

    *They are trolling or aren't questions (but statements or requests)

    *They are posted in the wrong category or not the best category to get good answers

    *Some users refuse to reply to a question posted by a user using the Anonymous feature

    *Your question is only visible to you due to it being hung in the spam filter (log out of your account OR try viewing your question in another browser in which you aren't logged in to your YA account. If you can see the question, then it's fine. If you can't, then go into it and move it to another category, then back where it belongs. Check it again with a non-logged in account. Once you can see it, you can feel sure others can see it too).

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    8 months ago

    Because you keep posting the same pity me nonsense over and over instead of seeing a professional for real help.

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    If you've just asked it, then maybe that's not really long enough. That's probably why there's no answers. Give it a bit more time and see.

  • I just saw your question and it only been posted for 34 minutes.  You need to give people time to answer your question.  Not all questions are answered at once.  Please give it more time.

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    8 months ago

    Well if you are interested in replies, you are probably asking the wrong type of questions. For a load of replies, you need to ask a question that relates to the people answering. People jump at the chance to talk about themselves.

    If I ask "what is the current economic state of Peru?" I may get one or two answers, if I'm lucky.

    If I ask "what was your best and worst job?"

    Or "how many partners have you had in the past?"

    I will be flooded with answers.

    Since this site is populated with mostly American users, if you ask something political, you will get a flood of answers. Throw in words like liberals, Democrat, conservatives, Republicans etc...

    American's love talking half truth politics.

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    8 months ago

    People are NOT required to answer your questions. Yahoo and Verizon Staff do NOT answer questions on .YA. You have to be patient. Time is money, especially NOW. If you are trolling YA to get attention and your ego fed. Many people are NOT going g to spend their viable tome answering your questions.

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    8 months ago

    I answer them as they come off the main page, i just see the headlines [only click on it to get the detailed version]...

    Perhaps your question got asked when the server was busy and it scrolled past quick... or like me maybe people are selective about which categories they answer on.  I'd hate to answer on mental health, what if i was wrong!

    Sorry for your bad luck, all i can suggest is you keep asking

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