Do Kills matter in many online games?

Someone made an anonymous post in my schools freedom wall saying kills dont matter in many online games as long as you contribute to the objective. He was called noob in the comment section.  

In my opinion it depends on the game mode. If he isntalking abt deathmatch then he is a noob because you need kills to win deathmatch. But if he talking abt capture the flag or Destroy the enemy base like dota 2 then you can get away with 0 kills and still be the hero.

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  • John
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    5 months ago

    it depends on what the goal of the game/mode is honestly. the only online shooter i play is splatoon 2 and while kills are helpful in all modes, you wont win with kills alone and a player who is good at covering turf/riding the tower/carrying the rainmaker/etc is more useful even if they dont have a single kill

  • 5 months ago

    It depends on the game & game mode being played.  In Deathmatch games, kills are the main metric to determine the winner.

    In Capture the Flag or King of the Hill modes, kill counts aren't as critical since it's NOT the objective.  With "King of the Hill" modes, the objective is to retain control over the specific location & "Capture the Flag" mode is to protect your flag runner that's capturing your opponent's flag while protecting your own.  Getting kills help maintain control, but they have to be in service of the objective.  Gratuitous kills (killing opposing members NOT related to the objective) can be potentially detrimental as it pulls resources away from your objective.

    In Battle Royale modes (popularized by PuBg), kills are helpful for your longevity within the game (as you're defending yourself)...  but it's NOT the core metric as the key metric in the game is outlasting your rivals by any means necessary, which does include evading the competitors for as long as possible with the ever shrinking playfield.  It's very possible (albeit, highly improbable) for a player to get down to the final 2 without killing a single person.  Getting a pacifistic win (retaining a 0 kill count) is exceedingly difficult because it would require the player to obtain a considerable amount of health restoration items & evade all other players to the point where the final playfield collapses to allow the game's "kill field" to whittle away the remaining player's health until one remains.

    Ultimately, while kills can be helpful in most games...  it's not an "End All" metric to strive towards.

  • 5 months ago

    In my eyes? ONLY IF kills count towards the actual victory, like in Team Deathmatch play. I actually agree with that anon post to an extent, but I'd be lying if I said my inner tryhard doesn't come out once in a while if I play games like that.

    Then again, I'm all about the objective. If anyone else on my team wants to go Super All Out Mode, then they're more than welcome to it. But if it's an objective based one and we lose, their griping and complaining to me will mean NOTHING to me.

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