Can Catfish survive in a small creek?

I fish in a small creek it has a little pond area that isnt big at all mabye 25ft long max and width is like 10 ft or 20ft I could be wrong I'm not good at distance lol but its small but anyway max depth is like 3 or 4 ft and I was wondering if I put catfish in there if they could survive? I heard they are incredible survivors in any body of water which makes sense cause I was at a lake with a tiny clear puddle but it was like 2 ft deep and i threw 3 giant cats in there and herring next week comes around and the cats are fine but the herring were all dead floating ontop of the water so I was wondering if the catfish could survive in the creek if I tried stocking it with catfish I catch from the river? Cause it is really close to were I live and it would be really fun to catch catfish there!

2 Answers

  • 4 months ago

    i think so. depends on the size of the fish

  • 4 months ago

    Depends. If you fish and eat what you catch often enough to prevent overcrowding, yes the cats could live there. They are bottom feeders like carp and bottom feeders are very robust.

    The real issue is oxygen. If that small pond has too many cats it will deplete the oxygen in the water. And the fish will suffocate.

    Also, cats are prolific breeders. They'll have lots of little cats; so you really need to like to eat catfish and keep the numbers in that pond down.

    Warning: Based on personal experience, you might become attached to your cats like pets; especially if you feed them now and then. They'll follow you around as you walk along the edge of the pond. My uncle had a trout lake and in the end he could not fish for and eat any of them as they'd follow him all over wherever he walked along the lake.

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